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CLIENT: East Africa Bottling  Coca Cola Ethiopia

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GENERATORS:                 2 X Green Power GP 1120 1100KVA

Perkins 2008 TAG 2.
ComAp Intelligen NT
R4.2 Million
Upgrades at their bottleing Plant in Addis Ababa and the failures of their exsisting generators forced them to buy and install new  generators. It was decided that the best option would be 2 synchronised Green Power 1100KVA generators. The plant power demands varied constantly from between 350KVA to 2000KVA. When the power fails both generators start up and synchronise, should the load demand drop below 800KVA then the slave generator drops out and shuts down, as soon as the demand rises above 750KVA the slave generator starts up, synchronises with he master and they share the load. After each start up the generators swop master and slave roles. This is done to even out the unning hours between the sets, to make servce planning easier.  Goodall was tasked with the planning, supply and installation of the generators. The generators, ATS and cables were shipped to the bottling plant in Addis Ababa from our factory in Italy. Our installations team then flew to Ethiopia to oversee the unloading and positioning of the Generators. They then completed the installation and commisioned the generators.
2 X Green Power GP 880 880KVA
Perkins 2006 TAG 2.
R2.5 Million

2 Military Hospital Wynberg

When the SANDF upgraded their hospital in Wynberg Cape Town, they also replaced their two old Detroit Diesel generators. The primary requirements were reliability, quick start up time and low fuel economy. As they were the primary back up power for the hospital, including the operating theatres, reliabilty was of utmost importance. After careful consideration the generators they chose for this were two Green Power GP880. These 880KVA Perkins powered generators were supplied by Goodall Power Systems. They featured extended fuel tanks for 48H of operation. We were also responible for the commisioning of the two sets and the maintenance for the first year. The generators are set to run synchronised and to share the load equally


Choosing the correct generator to suit your needs is a not always simple. There are several options and modles available, and ways of achieving the desired end result. At Goodall Power systems, our years of generator experience we are there to assist you all the way. Our only goal is to ensure that you get the best value for your money. No matter how complex the installation we will have the right solution for you. Whether you just need a generator to assist with peak load demands or if your generator is to be your sole source of power. We have expereance with Mains Synchronising, multiple set synchronising, multiple feeders, and mulitple loads. A well designed and maintained generator installation is an investment. That will pay itself off very quickly.
Green Power, based in Italy, are known world wide for their high quality, reliable generators. They work closely with most engine and alternator manufacturers ensuring that their products are always of superior quality and reliability.

Below are just a few of our specialised generator installations throughout Africa.

CLIENT: Panorama Health Clinic

GENERATORS:                1X GP 198    195Kva                    1X GP440      440Kva

Perkins 1106C-E66 TAG4
ComAp IntelliVision NT
ComAp IntelliVision NT
This new extension to the Panorama Hospital in Panorama required carefull intergration of the generators. The GP440 is primaraly he landlords stanby generator and the GP198 is for the tenants. In the case of a power failure both generators start up and supply power to their designated areas. The Landlords generator is used in the public areas and for security. The Tenants generator supplies certain tenants with power, icluding the opperating theaters. In the unlikly event of the tennants generator failing, or if it being worked on, then certain parts of its load are transfered to the Landlords generator. Should the failure be localised to only one  area, ie the first floor opperating rooms, then the tenants generator with supply only this area with standby power, should it fail then the Landlords generator will start up and supply power. This was achieved through the use of ComAp’s IntelliVision controllers, 4 seperate ATS boxes and back up relay interphasing between the units.Goodall Power was responsiible in the suply and installation of the back up systems, and assisted Brand Engineeering with the desgn of the secondary back up system, and initiated and designed the local failure detection and back up Both generators have water heaters thus enabling the system to supply power to the building within a maximum of 5 seconds..
4 X Green Power GP6  6KVA mobile units
ComAp AMF 9 NT

Western Cape Health Department

These custom built trailer sets feature off raod trailer, GP6 Silent generators, 12/60 Victron Battery charges, AMF and ATS. Designed to help charge the batteries for the health departments remote radio satilite stations in the case of solar failure. These trailers need to be able harsh road conditions. The generators need to be able to run long hours in adverse weather condittions and in remote areas, thus SMS monitoring was also required as there is not always someone on site. The generators also need to be able to run the remote clinics during a power failure, thus must be able to connect to the buildings mains. To achieve this the GP6 is controlled via a ComAP AMF9 NT with SMS modem. The alternator is wired to the ATS box, which is mounted on the set. The load is fed to a single phase socket. From here the 220 VAC can either be taken into the building, or connected to the on board Victron Battery charger.  For charging the satilite stations batteries, the out put of the Victron 12/60 battery charger can be connected to the batteries directly and the generator started. Both applications are fully automated.
Trailer generator Green Power trailer generator Silent diesel generator Diesel Trailer generator 6KVA trailer generator
All Goodall Power generator installations are fully compliant with SANS10142 as well as all other Local and National laws. No matter where in South Africa or Africa you are, we know the legal requirements and ensure that our generators comply, your safety, the safety of where in South Africa or Africa you are, we know the legal requirements and ensure that our generators comply, your safety, the safety of your new or existing generator installation. 
Our servicing department can take care of all your generator needs in respect of maintenance and servicing, we use only qualified expereance mechanics and fit only genuine parts. Our spares department stocks a full range of Diesel Generator spares.
For complete peace of mind contact our remote monitoring team about web based Generator Remote Management and Monitoring.
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